The Pod Block

The Internet is considered to be a medium that provides us with knowledge and information. These past few months, it has actually been doing the opposite, from fake news to click bait, our internet has been plagued with a lot of misdirection and misinformation. This happens because most social media sites and search engines use algorithms that prioritize engagement, and a reliable way to get people to engage is to make up outrageous information that people find themselves buying into. It is time to put and end to this interweb rumor mongering. This is what led to the conceptualization of The Pod Block. A plugin/app that works on all platform and erases all the fake news stories and spam from your internet!

iPhone App
Chrome Plugin
Android App
Transit Mockup
Print Mockup
Outdoor Mockup
Trifold Direct Mail Pg 1
Trifold Direct Mail Pg 2
Trifold Direct Mail Pg 3
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Save A Generation

A SCAD collaboration with FCB Health in the research and development of concepts for an original advertising campaign for TB Alliance that would encourage target nations to expand their efforts on tackling TB. I worked as a Project Manager on this project.

Emergency Coffee Kit

What is the worst thing that can happen to a hardworking mother? Running out of coffee! A campaign around Nescafe's ready to drink 3-in-1 coffee packs being the solution to all of thier caffeine problems.

Check out the video for an overview of the project or scroll down for individual pieces.

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Wahl Beard Trimmers: Distractingly Perfect

A small witty campaign platform that can translate into endless medias

"My eyes are up here"
"A severe case of male pattern magnificence"
"I woke up like this, flawless."
"No, it won't fit in your prius."
"My face chandelier isn't too distracting, is it?"

Package Design for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the most popular open-source, free to use, linux based operating system till date. Although Ubuntu is amazing, its packaging has always been lacklustre, so I tried to improve it. Check out the 3D Model and Printing Die or check out the package in action:

Art Direction Piece

A sample of my art direction abilities. Copy: Camila Bengoa

Black+Decker for Bikers