FCB Health

2016 (Sep-Dec) - Project Manager

SCAD collaborated with FCB Health in the research and development of concepts for an original advertising campaign for TB Alliance that would encourage target nations to expand their efforts on tackling TB.

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Leo Burnett

2016 (June-Aug) - Creative Intern

Worked on ideation and execution, including but not limited to copywriting and art direction. Developing visual styles and looks of ideas. Was also involved in two new client pitches.

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Club Elan

May 2014 - Present (P.R. & Event Manager)

Work entailed handling Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc) accounts, public relations, event management, ideation, advertising, marketing, artist management & acquisition, and technical support.

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2015 (Sep-Nov)

SCAD collaborated with a major grocery-chain to research and develop a fun and exiting online grocery shopping experience that allowed customers to browse, learn about new products, and make purchases. I was part of the 11 student team that was chosen to work on this project.

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Savannah College of Art & Design

2013 to Present

Currently, I am pursuing my passion at SCAD as an advertising major and am determined to make the most of it. I have a 3.8 GPA along with a lot of other acheivements and experiences.

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2010-2012 (MEMBER)~2012-2013(VICE PRESIDENT)

Computer Obsessed Radical Enthusiasts, one of the most successful and prestigious computer groups in the country. I participated in various events and led the group to multiple successes.

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2010-2013 (President)

An extremely influential and well known company. Organised and promoted multiple events, and represented various international and national artists.




14 wonderful years later, I graduated high school with a perfect GPA and various other accolades from an internationally renowned and spread school. I held the position of cultural secretary, organising and hosting a multitude of events and seminars.

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What I Do?

I am a quick learner; hence have acquired a lot of talents. Let me tell you about a few of them.

service 1

Art Direction

Having been involved with visuals since I was six, I have a knack to come up with pleasing designs and placements for every situation and product. I am aware of the importantance of visuals in an advertisement and I know which ones to use.

service 2

Motion/Video Designing

Armed with an extensive knowledge of video editing, film direction and motion-media creation software, I am capable of creating beautiful and moving visuals in any given time span.

service 3

Copy Writing

Avid reading as a kid made me the perfect writer, with a powerful vocabulary to pen down my thoughts exactly how I wish to express them. My wit has been my friend all these years, and my ability to sell: my powerful weapon.

Have You Seen My Work?

I have been designing and creating for multiple years now, here is some of my recent work.

Angry Orgard

Angry Orchard Mini-Campaign

ClientAngry Orchard
DateJanuary 2015
SkillsPS, Ai, GameDev & Basic HTML

This mini-camapign was created over a period of seven days. It included a poster, banners, a sample landing-page design, a mock sign-up page, a mock game-page , a prototype of the game (Flappy Apples), and a sample coupon.


Cheetos Snapchat Saga

ClientCheetos Mix-ups [Frito Lays]
DateAugust 2015
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PS, Ai and Sublime

This website was concepted and created in under 7 days. It was created in order to promote the launch of Cheetos Mix-Ups.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Promo

ClientFédération Internationale de Football Association
DateMay 2014
SkillsAe, Au & PPro

This was a personal project, done prior to the FIFA World Cup 2014, in order to promote the event amongst my peers in America and create a hype for the same.

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels

ClientJack Daniels
DateFebruary 2015
SkillsPS, Ai and Copy

This magazine advertisement was created in under an hour, during an advertising class at SCAD. The copy reads as follows:

"During the ageing process, around 4% of the whisky in each barrel evaporates through the oak. The distilleries refer to this portion as the Angels’ Share, this is the whisky that the Angels taste. Well, we’ve always known that whisky is a heavenly drink! The exact amount of whisky lost depends on factors such as temperature and the quality of the cask. Although 4% may sound like a small amount, at around 50 liters lost per barrel over a 10 year maturation period, multiplied by thousands of barrels, it can add up to many thousands of liters (and surely some very tipsy angels!). The longer the whisky sits in the barrel, the more is lost by the time bottling finally occurs. A twenty year old whisky, for example, can lose up to 40% of its volume to evaporation."

Project X

Project X

ClientWarner Brothers
DateAugust 2015
SkillsPS & Ai

This project was concepted and prototyped in under 5 days while working alongside Pauline Ramsey. The objective of this campaign was to promote the release of Project X and create a hype for the movie.

Ubuntu v.16 Package Design

DateAugust 2015
SkillsAi, Packaging & PS
PackageDemo (Save and View)

This was designed to package a USB that contained the Ubuntu OS and its instruction leaflet. Designed in 5 days.

Black and Decker

Cordless String Trimmer

ClientBlack + Decker
DateFebruary 2016
SkillsPS, Ai, & InDesign
ArtJay Trikha

We were provided a headline that was written by a Copy Writer at SCAD and were supposed to create an all-type advert usign the same.


Zoosk Mega-Campaign

DateFebruary 2015
SkillsPs, Ai, Ae, SWF & PPro

This Mega-Campaign was created over a period of ten days alongside Maggie Dillon. It included Magazine Ads, a TV Script, a billboard, a mock Facebook page, an Elevator Ad , a mock landing page, and a mock sign-up page.


Gender Inequality

ClientThe One Show
DateFebruary 2016
TypeConcept Card

Nico Bohoquez and I came up with this concept during a brainstorming session for The One Show. This is one of the three entries I will be submitting into The One Show.

  • Tide

    The Pod Block

    By Tide

  • FCB Health

    F.C.B. Health

    With T.B. Alliance

  • Nescafe


    To Go Packs

  • Wahl


    Beard Trimmer

  • Ubuntu


    Packaging Redesigned

  • Black and Decker

    Black and Decker

    Design Piece

  • more

    Other Projects

    More Fun Stuff

Who Am I?

Well, I am a hardworking, focused and creative person. I am comitted to making the most of my time on Earth.

team 1

Jay Trikha

Advertising Creative

"A ship is safe in harbor,
but that's not what ships are for."

About Me

I love to have ideas, the moment when you get a great idea, and you know it, is what keeps me motivated. There have been a few of those moments for me but I ache for more. I am a driven, hard-working individual who is always looking to help brands grab eyeballs.


  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • After Effects

  • Dreamweaver

  • Windows OS

  • InDesign

  • Html & CSS

  • Premiere Pro

  • Cinematography/Photography

  • Mac OS

I graduate May 2017.

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Contact Me

If you fell in love with my work or me, feel free to contact me. You can also voice your concerns and send me questions here.

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